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Elevator Fiber DAS Repeater

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1. Introduction

"Elevator Fiber DAS repeater" is a small-sized mobile communication repeater specially designed for an elevator. A Master Unit(MU) receives clear signals from the external antennas, and those signals are distributed via optical fiber cables to several elevators. Those optical signals are sent to a Service Unit(SU), located inside the elevator, and transmit signals to mobile device. 


The Optical DAS uses the optical signals that do not receive any influence of surrounding metal environment of the elevator. And the repeater is installed inside the elevator, so the quality of a phone call is excellent. In addition, if you install the optional item LCD monitor together inside, it will be exactly appropriate for the advertisement means to the customers using the elevator. 


“Elevator Fiber DAS repeater" has followings key performance and features;

- Supports Dual Band of WCDMA & LTE

- High Quality Signal with Long Distance Transmission with the Optical Transmission System

- No Signal Distortion, Unaffected by the Electronical Noise or Metal Surrounding

- Easy Installation Inside the Elevator Compact Size & Light Weight

- Optional LCD monitor for Advertising

- Installation Service is Available by Professional Engineer

- Supports Remote Monitoring with Data Modem 


2. Application

- Large Convention Center and Complex Building

- Business Building

- Hotel & Shopping Mall